Server Administration

Keep your Data Secure and In Reach

Keep your Data Secure and In Reach

Server Optimization

At Hughes IT Services, we have the skills necessary to completely optimize your server. Using our skills, we can successfully lower download and upload times, and make accessing your files easier than ever.

Server Security

Security is always a number one priority for many businesses. Our technicians can boost the security of your server and make it nearly impenetrable to outside attack. We can keep logs of visitors to ensure that you know who’s accessing your secure data.

Time Saving

Major server issues can cause massive problems for the businesses that need them. Let our technicians work with your servers to stop problems before they occur, allowing your business to keep on working.

Variety of OS

Hughes IT Services’ skilled technicians are trained in multiple operating systems. We work to ensure that, regardless of your OS, we can keep all of your operations running smoothly.

Keep your Server Up and Running

Experience You Can Count On

Our server specialists have years of experience running and maintaining servers of all sizes. we know how to sort out the problems that come from everyday wear as well as the ones that come around a little less often.

With Hughes IT Services server administration services, you can leave your worries behind you and let us be your go to IT experts.