IT With a Passion

Hughes IT Services works for you to provide the highest quality service possible. We work with our customers to ensure that all their needs are met and they are left with a service that exceeds their expectations and results in a positive outcome for them or their business. We offer many types of services for both home and business, and we have a large network of partners that allow us to work on projects of any size or scale.

PC Support

Hughes IT Services works with customers to protect and support their PC’s by installing antivirus, creating, monitoring, and storing backups, remote support, and much more.

Server Administartion

Hughes IT Services can install, manage, and maintain servers of all sizes. Our Administrators can download software and perform regular maintenance for any business.

Web Hosting

Hughes IT Services can host websites and online web applications. We have a guaranteed 99% uptime, so our customers are assured that they will receive the best there is in web hosting.

Web App Development

Hughes IT Services’ dedicated developers are skilled in designing and implementing effective and intuitive online web applications for a business of any size, from small business to large corporations.