About Us

Our Philosophy

At Hughes IT Services, we know that technology is constantly changing and evolving with time. It can be hard for the modern home and business to not fall behind. Most large corporations overcharge for their services and lack the intimate feeling of a smaller business. Our goal at Hughes IT Services is to be your personal IT specialist, to be available to our customers, and to provide a high-quality service that makes our customers keep coming back. Let us have your back in the ever expanding world of Information Technology.

The Brain Behind Hughes IT Services

Robert Hughes is the founder of Hughes IT Services. He is a Linux guru that is specialized in server administration. He is extremely gifted at his craft and works to migrate files, create backups, host websites, and web applications, and so much more. Robert is the ideal professional and loves to work with customers to make sure their project is completed in a quick and thorough manner.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

We would love to have your business and field your questions.